Throughout his life Mr. Rosengren has been an avid supporter of new music and its performances. Early on, in 1984, he co-founded (with conductor Ansgar Krook) KammarensembleN, the Swedish ensemble for new music. From 1989 t0 1992 they developed and presented numerous substantial concert series and projects, such as “Tredje Örat”, “Virtuoser”, “Finska Pinnar”, and “För Kännedom”, in which the musicians collaborated with directors, composers, light designers, sound technicians, and actors.

Many composers have dedicated works to Mr. Rosengren; and the concerto commissions are numerous. American composer Frank Ticheli is presently working on a concerto for clarinet and orchestra (as well as a version for clarinet and wind symphony) to be premiered in 2010.
New music review quotes:  
A complete performance by this extraordinary clarinetist.
Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm
The best premiere performance in the Concert House in many years. Rosengren’s controlled passionate playing gave the solo part a magnetizing character. I was completely captivated the entire time.
Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Malmö, Sweden
Soloist in symbiosis with orchestra. One of the most beautiful works composed in Sweden in decades.
Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm
An engaging and rhythmically lively performance. The soloist’s musical spirit and engaging presence and attitude had a stimulating effect on the orchestra.
Norrköpings Tidningar, Norrköping, Sweden
Magnificent solo playing. A work of unusual and striking conviction, consequence, and formal resolution. Tonal and atmospheric variety from the dramatically aggressive to the lyrical, shimmering, and ethereal. With brilliant technique in every moment, a tone that is consistent even in the highest register, and a fresh and completely uninhibited musicality even when the tension and the demands are at their peak, he captivates the audience from the first to the last note.
Hallandsposten, Halmstad, Sweden
Brilliance and precision. A strong powerful piece built on a dynamic orchestral part and a virtuoso and lyrical clarinet part. The music is modern in its tonal language but with clear roots from the 1920s and 30s, from Honegger and Stravinsky. Håkan Rosengren seemed born for the solo part. His tone is distinct and flexible as he skillfully searches the clarinet’s limits. Rosengren’s understanding and execution of the solo part was phenomenal.
Nordvästra Skånes Tidning, Helsingborg, Sweden
Played superbly by Håkan Rosengren.
Ulster News Letter, Belfast
Commissions involved in:
Carolyn Bremer
Sonata for clarinet and piano
Anders Eliasson
Sette Passaggi for clarinet and orchestra
Intermezzo for chamber ensemble
Torbjörn Engström
Nattens musikanter for clarinet and piano
Beng Hambraeus
Nocturnals for chamber ensemble
Staffan Isbäck
Impromptu for clarinet and guitar
Sonatine for clarinet and guitar
Johan Jeverud
Tolv fördömda män for chamber ensemble
Aleksander Lason
A little book for clarinet and strings
Anders Nilsson
Cadenze for chamber ensemble
Nikola Resanovic
Alt music ballistix for clarinet and tape
Collateral Damage for clarinet and orchestra
Poul Ruders
Throne for clarinet and piano
Jan Sandström
Concerto for clarinet and orchestra
Henrik Strindberg
Minne for clarinet and orchestra
Etymology for chamber ensemble
Frank Ticheli
Concerto for clarinet and orchestra
Gunnar Valkare
Second flight of the machine for chamber ensemble
Martin Willert
Hallucinations for clarinet and orchestra

One of the highlights of the Sunday fixture was
Håkan Rosengren’s superb playing.
Belfast Telegraph, Belfast
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